My name is Angela Molina. Over a decade God called me to serve with Children to Love in their ministry in Romania and for a decade I decided to do life. Over the years I never forgot the initial call to go and I struggled with the courage to trust God. I did much during those 10 years but never found peace. I excelled in my own strength but got bored very quickly. Time and time again God whispered in my ear His will and time and time again I shushed His still voice. That was until two years ago when He used David Platt to grab hold of my face and heart and told me to listen. Over the next weeks that followed God used my quiet time in the book of Jonah to show me my heart. That is when surrender happened and this journey began.

My “Journey to Romania” are stories of daily life, struggles, joys, and my interaction with the poor, abandoned and orphaned kids that many here in society reject. I now know I have been created to serve an Almighty God. I have been created to tell of His Son Jesus and His work in my life. I have been created to be the physical vessel for His love and touch those around me with the power of His name. I KNOW that I cannot do that in my own strength and I know that I have to be full of His love in order to make a different mark on their lives.

Thank you for follow me on my journey with God and the children in Romania!


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