“We are not home yet”

I truly enjoy EVERY DAY in Romania. This time around God has different plans for me. My time here last September through December was all about being dependent on Him so that He could use me to minister to the children and people here. It wasn’t at all about me although He wanted me to discover Him as my absolute best friend. Although difficult, the three months I spent in Bucharest at the end of last year were life defining moments for me. 

I couldn’t wait to get home and share what God had done in me and what He had and was doing in the lives of the children in Romania in the mist of the challenges, difficulties, and lures from Satan that they faced day to day. I learned to value friends and family more and appreciate different elements of the body of Christ. 

On December 21st I landed at Richmond International Airport in a city I had claimed as home for the past 7 years. I honestly am blessed with incredible friends and family who have been a blessing, encouragement and a HUGE support. My welcoming at the airport was nothing short of PRICELESS!

Today I realized that I was quite fortunate, because the kind of greeting and sign of genuine love and affection I received that day is not typical. I picked up “Highlights,” a news magazine published by the International Baptist Convention that centered my heart. Although I didn’t expect the kind of welcoming I received last year, I was blessed by the creative thought placed behind it. I don’t know exactly when I am coming home this year and how I will be received. Again, I have no expectations. Actually, no expectations has sort of become my new way of life. This is not to say that I don’t care, but it’s more the thought that I expect God to surprise me and show up but I just don’t quite know how.

I am looking forward to one day returning “home” and being with family and friends, but quite honestly I am not counting down the days quite yet. Whatever happens on the day I fly back home and land at whatever airport God leads me to I will bear what Jimmy Martin, International Baptist Convention General Secretary shared in his article “We are not home yet” in the latest issue of “Highlights.”

“A missionary family arrived in their home country after spending many years away. To their surprise, there was a large crowd of well-wishers who had gathered to greet a dignitary on board the large vessel. Banners, balloons, politicians and other VIPs, and a large band – all welcomed the dignitary home. The missionary husband noted that they had served the Lord for a lifetime far away from home, yet no one was there to greet them as they arrived home. It did not seem fair. His wife squeezed his hand and reminded him, “We are not home yet.” Nor are we.”Image 


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