Staying Connected

Seems like “staying connected” with family, friends, supporters, prayer warriors and home in general can be quite a difficult task when God puts so many people behind you, supporting your obedience to Him. Some have Facebook accounts while others don’t, some prefer e-mail blasts, while others believe e-mail is solely for business. And others still, prefer the warmth behind an addressed envelope or post card that’s traveled thousands of miles.

My desire behind creating a blog is another means of reaching, and connecting with yet another group of people that are passionate about reading the in depth thoughts of my time in Romania. While some of you follow my journey on Facebook (, are on my email blast, or follow me on instagram, each are just a bit different. Each offer a glimpse into my life here in Bucharest. The common thread though, is the desire to be real and honest before the eyes that scroll through every word published.

My disclaimer is this…these are my words, I own them. As a result, they have nothing to do with the values, beliefs and the ministry of Children to Love. This is my journey with God, it’s unique to Him and I. I am not perfect, as you’ll soon find out. The bottom line is that God has allowed me the opportunity to be used by Him and I desire for others to see my heart for obedience.

May He be glorified through this blog! Let the blogging begin 🙂


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